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Meet our founder Cassie Day

Hello and welcome to The Carers Place.

I am a mum of two teenage boys and have been a carer for my eldest child Matthew for over 15 years.  As a new carer, and for many years, I experienced extreme loneliness and isolation.  To add fuel to the fire, I simply did not know how to take care of myself well enough to give the best care to my children.

Today, I recognise the importance of community and connection to for us all, but especially for the mental health of all carers. I am fiercely passionate about supporting, guiding and providing education and information to pave the way for carers and parents to live the happy and fulfilled life they so truly deserve.

With a range of amazing experts, many of whom are also carers, I bring together personal experience and professional expertise to ease overwhelm and improve carer and parent quality of life through a range of mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing strategies.

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The Carers Place proudly provides information, education, inspiration and support to ALL carers with an emphasis on optimal mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing outcomes for both you and yours.

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Our aim is to provide real and relevant information, education and support services for caregivers and their families that create more ease and less stress.  Just a few of our focus area’s include:

  • mental, physical & emotional health solutions
  • resilience & mindset
  • reducing isolation & increasing support
  • intuitive parenting
  • practical tools & resources supporting caregivers
  • organisation & planning
  • advocacy, mentoring & advice
  • newly diagnosed support & guidance
  • online programs & workshops

You can learn more about our services here.

Why not come on over and join in the conversation in our private Facebook Community, Carers Connect.
Allow yourself to be supported by a connected, positive & solutions focussed community, with people who get it.


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“I believe Cassie is one of the most genuine, caring and helpful person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her understanding and knowledge of all things big and small is truly inspiring. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her, and she always gives the most honest advice followed up with continued support.”
“Cassie has been an amazing support during a tough time with my youngest. She always gives great advice and strategies to help me deal with difficult situations! Thanks Cassie – you changed our lives for the better!”
Allison, Mother of two
During my daughters recent stay in hospital Cassie was such a great support. Not having had much to do with the hospital system before, at times I felt quite lost overwhelmed by it all. Having Cassie to talk to helped tremendously, especially when it came to explaining some of the hospital terminologies, procedures and explaining what we could expect whilst in hospital. Cassie understood what we were going through and was always there to listen to me.

Cassie provides an amazingly positive environment for carers of all sorts of illnesses and disabilities. A safe place to let go of all the failures and celebrate all the triumphant times, too. Many support groups tend to harbour lots of negativity because basically, everyone is having a rough time, however Cassie always finds a way to make sure that you leave feeling uplifted, cared for, and also helps you see that a failure is really your success.

Theonie Roussianos, Business Owner & Caregiver

I recommend everyone who feels that overwhelm and the guilt and the horrible drained feeling can benefit from your wisdom and see huge changes in their lives! The way you broke it all down into bite size pieces makes it SOOOO much easier to deal with!

Melissa, Mother & Photographer