We provide to you NOW what we needed THEN…

While officially opened in 2016, The Carers Place was an idea bubbling away since 2002.

Brewed from her own personal needs, Founding Director Cassie Day’s first son was born with Autism and diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) at 4 weeks old.

At the age of 10 he fell from a tree and suffered and Acquired Brain Injury.

Suddenly immersed in the reality of disability and complex medical needs, Cassie discovered a place where the system didn’t provide the support she needed…

Background of The Carers Place and our Founder Cassie Day


Cassie left a secure career in HR to become Matthew’s carer and redirected her focus into health and wellbeing, launching a Personal Training business. While successful, the nature of PT work didn’t suit the home dynamics. They spent some quality time travelling with the family in 2015, where Cassie developed an advocacy and wellbeing business online with little tech skills or know-how.

While it was hit, it wasn’t sustainable.

As time moved on, it became clear the questions Cassie, and others in similar situations had, were not getting answered… and Cassie took her lessons and applied them into Support Coordination services. Seven years on, The Carers Place has established themselves as a leading Support Coordination service in South Australia.

Today, Cassie is managing a compassionate team that makes it clear – everyone matters, and anything is possible. Using innovative and flexible services within community, government and health sectors in Australia, The Carers Place delivers exceptional support to families living with chronic illness, disability and special needs. Together, they develop programs that focus on mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

After achieving incredible growth, Cassie understood the importance of the health of her team and directly reinvested the gains into her people.

Overseeing a staff of 9 helping participants with highly complex circumstances, in vulnerable situations who fall through the gaps or feel overwhelmed by the labyrinth of our health systems.

The Carers Place draws from their professional and personal experiences to provide guidance, support, resources and tools that build confidence, knowledge and advocacy for families and communities to thrive.