Giving the best of me will always equal giving the best to you!

This week I have been taking a massive dose of my own medicine. My health is first and foremost again.

It’s true, when you are a carer and have so much on the go it is easy to lose sight of yourself, how you are feeling, your own health (physical and mental). So quickly can aches, pains and niggles start to rear their heads. We go on, ignore the subtle signs from our bodies and ‘get on with the job at hand’.

I have gone from being in a rather active occupation (personal trainer) to sitting for long long periods behind the computer, especially when the kids are at school or Matthew is having healthier periods. I became less active due to an Achilles injury in both the left and right legs which led to poorer food choices too. Being less than mindful of what is happening for me and the creeping in of old habits has led to a number of issues.

Some include:

  • Neck and back pain, pain in my hip joints and in my feet
  • Increase in weight – not just a few kilo’s either
  • Less quality sleep due to later nights or ‘fitting in the work when I can’
  • More glasses of wine & coffee
  • Increased tiredness and decrease in energy levels
  • Poorer food choices for a ‘quick fix’

The list goes on.

I am sharing this because my message to you is strong:

‘Take care of your own health and wellbeing otherwise you simply cannot give the best of you to those you love’

…… and for a little while, for myself, my path was derailed. Am I ashamed? “No”. Life and circumstances happen. Being self-critical and participating in negative self-talk won’t serve anyone.  The past is the past and we can’t change it.  What we can do is take action.

Even professionals in the health and wellbeing space can become derailed without adequate supports and plans in place. You can know “all the things” but unless you set yourself up for success, have some accountability and at least one cheerleader on your side, well it can be more than difficult.

I am telling you this, not for your sympathy or for a reaction, but to let you know you are not alone. That if you can relate to any or all of what I have written, then this is a great opportunity to take control of what is happening in your world too.

Time for a cheerleader?

I am here to be your cheerleader, I have lined up mine (cheerleaders) and the things that will be setting me up for success. We have very little control of most things in our lives BUT we do have complete control of how we act and react (our behaviour) in any given situation. Is it easy? “No!” However, it is more than possible to feel happy, energetic and in control, especially when your nutrition and movement is nourishing your body.

This week I have taken the bull by the horns and radically changed my behaviours and routine.

For many, change needs to happen slowly. Evidence shows, that taking small steps toward changing personal behaviours equals sustainable new habits. For me, however, as much as I would like to implement small changes, I have enough self-awareness to know the changes I need to make and how to make them.  I need to make a CLEAN and RADICAL break/change to what has been happening.

I am fortunate that I do have the knowledge. Some of us don’t have that level of self-awareness yet, but it’s something that can be learned…especially through a personal growth process.

What am I doing?

This week I have started tracking my food, water intake and movement in a food diary.  I am planning my weeks using my ‘Plan in a Page’ (available free in the membership). I have done this to bring in my awareness about lifestyle choices. I was eating mindlessly and had gotten into a habit of not having complete meals, no portion control in sight, snacking on whatever I could grab, usually something with sugar in it 

Full disclosure here. Yes, I am tracking my calories, but that isn’t the biggest motivator for me. Being accountable and aware of what I am doing is the MOST important part for me here.  To start using food and movement for mind and body is critical. At the end of the day, I need to be feeling my best, minus the aches, pains, and injuries.

I have increased my water (water and lemon especially) and have been using my doTerra Essential Oils to support this whole process too.

I have committed to moving each day.

Nothing over the top though.  Monday to Wednesday each contained 45-minute walks. Monday I added my own little circuit in, to get my muscles moving. Wednesday I went to see a PT who is a rehab specialist, she is a trainer for elite sports people and I trust her implicitly. As much as I feel I need to increase my fitness, I know because of the complexity of my injuries I need to be brought back to ‘state’ in a way that will protect and strengthen my body.

As I said, I am a qualified Personal Trainer. Every PT needs a PT, Counsellors need Counsellors, Doctors need their own Doctor… and so on. It’s not weakness or lack of professionalism. Professionals simply cannot always treat themselves or self-diagnose all of the time   That’s why Tanna from Body Confident Personal Training and Massage is on my team.

I know what I need. Do you yet?

I understood my body enough to know this is what I needed. I was right. The session was enlightening and refreshing…. okay so it hurt a LOT… but that wasn’t from the exercise it was from the myriad of muscular and joint issues that have been caused by not just my injuries BUT from being sedentary and sitting for periods that are far too long (while building this business). That and the fact that her elbows, my butt and hamstring muscles resisted making friends 

Anyhoo we got some movement and release happening and that is a good thing. So as much as I would like to hop straight back into running – it won’t be happening just yet.

But that’s not all!!

I rounded out the week with more walking, a prescribed circuit that Tanna set and an hour and a half snorkel of our local reef at Port Noarlunga in South Australia on Saturday.  The ocean does wonders for recovery of muscular and joint soreness.

I feel extremely vulnerable writing this, but I feel it needs to be shared. I have a significant amount of weight to drop, not for vanity (although there is always a little of that in there) but mostly because I want to feel free and energetic again. I want to be free of the pain, aches and niggles that are showing up more frequently and then hanging around.

At almost 40, I shouldn’t be hobbling around or experiencing the issues I am.

How do I know this?

Well seven years ago, I dropped close to 30 kilograms from my frame. Prior to doing that, at 33 I was experiencing the same challenges then as I am now.


Not for me.

THAT was my wake up call. The aches and pains were like groundhog day. I fondly remember the Cassie after losing the weight and gaining the fitness. She was a woman with boundless amounts of energy and enthusiasm for life.

While my mental health has been pretty good – it is probably the only thing that has stayed strong (I work at it in other ways).

One week in and I do feel clearer, super positive and excited.

I am not sure what to say now, maybe that is because I have just overshared? Who knows? If you relate, let me know. I would love to hear your story.

In a few weeks, I am opening a FREE 6-day program ‘Get Back to Basics’ run in the Parents and Carers Connect Community and on my website via The Caring Collective Membership where all of the documentation and materials will be hosted.

It will take in parts of what I have spoken about here – but is more about helping you dump some OVERWHELM, manage your stress (and your families) and embrace the basics of life and what fills your soul. A simple program that has helped many catch their breath, get back in control and clear the chaos and clutter from their heads. It’s about putting yourself first without sacrificing quality of care you give.

Do keep an eye out – I hope you will join me 




Ps. The other motivating factor is this… I KNOW for sure that when I am at my best, my kids are at their best.

So after the hideous year Matthew had last year – boy am I inspired to do EVERYTHING in my control to help him improve and maintain his health.

It simply starts with me doing and setting the example for our whole family.

When I did this in 2011 – Matthew stayed out of the hospital for a good 2.5 years…


Why not book a FREE 15 minute chat with Cassie to see how she can help you on the road to your own health and fitness goals?  She is a qualified personal trainer, Wellness Coach and has studied Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine too.  The best part she has lived experience and gets it!